451 degrees Fahrenheit, temperature at which paper spontaneously combusts (apologies to Ray Bradbury), includes 4 5 1  f the most blisterng hot web sites. No... We are not trying to be some kind of yahoo or 5% badge distributer. For each category, we provide starting points and selected sites that are glistening examples of the web at its best.

To use this site, select a major category or use All Categories to search the entire collection. Then type in any keywords, and Go! Our search engine will list the results with a brief description written by an actual visitor to that site.

NOTE! AS of January 1997, we're going out of the link business! With the insane growth of the web, other indices and search engines, it makes no sense to try to categorize any more. We encourage you to instead learn the skills of how to be a web hound and then you can find whatever you want! We will leave this collection for historical purposes ;-)

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