The words enclosed by the "title" HTML code mark the text that will appear in the title bar of the Mosaic window.


This document was designed to show AAIM readers an example of an HTML document. The Introduction header is level "h1" which is the highest level; you can have headers of level 1 to 6. All of the embedded codes are enclosed in the angle brackets and are invisible as displayed. Mosaic offers features to display styled text; i.e. Italic, Bold, or Underlined.

The "p" code forces a paragraph. Mosaic ignores hard carriage returns and extra space characters.

HyperText links are established with the "a" or "anchor " tag. For example, Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction is now set the be a link to our World Wide Web server. The anchor tag includes a statement "href=...." where the right side of the equal sign contains the URL address for the document, graphic, Gopher Server, etc that the link will connect when the user clicks in the text between the URL and the end of the end of the anchor tag.