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 Production Costs
One of the important aspects of this project is the cost in terms of hours and dollars. the Studio requires a budget estimate to be submitted in the Preproduction phase of the project. Here is a list of costs for the various production functions.
  • Accountant [$20/hr]
  • Actor [$15/hr based on standard per day rate]
  • Artist [$30/hr]
  • Cameraperson [$30/hr]
  • Computer Expert [$30/hr]
  • Director [$65/hr based on standard per day rate]
  • Historian [$30/hr]
  • Musician [$15/hr based on standard per day rate]
  • Narrator [$10/hr based on standard per day rate]
  • Planner [$30/hr]
  • Producer [$65/hr based on standard per day rate]
  • Product Editor [$100/hr]
  • Recording Expert [$30/hr]
  • Site Coordinator [$20/hr]
  • Text Editor [$20/hr]
  • Writer [$30/hr]

Copyright fees
The Studio strictly adheres to high standards of copyright compliance. We encourage you to investigate resources for more information.

All copyright issues or questions must be documented and submitted to the Studio for approval. Please keep in mind that the Studio currently has no money allocated to this project for purchasing the rights to copyrighted materials. Please contact the Studio's Legal department if there is any question about copyright.
 Note: Work created prior to 1922 is in the public domain.

Studio facilities
Studio 1151 offers a fine array of technical facilities. You will need to budget a rate of $25/hr for media lab time. Call the Studio to schedule times.

Equipment Rental
The Studio requires the project team to keep an equipment log of hours and costs for all equipment used:
  • Camera [$10/hr]
  • Computer [$15/hr]
  • Tape Recorder [$10/hr]

Outside consultants
You should budget an average of $40/hr for projected consulting time. Contact the Studio for our list of references.

S tudio 1151 Guidebook by Karen McNally and Alan Levine
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