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 How to Use the Guidebook
This guide is provided by Studio 1151 as an aid for the production team. Since the contents of the notebook will be provided to you in stages, it would be wise to have one member of the production team maintain a master copy. The keeper of the master notebook can then distribute pages as the team sees fit.

We encourage you to use the online version as well, which will be the most up-to-date. You will need to have a color computer, WWW graphical browser software such as NetScape, and an Internet connection (usually available from public computing sites at your college). To find the Guidebook:
  1. Launch your WWW browser.

  2. Select Open Location... or Open... from the File menu.

  3. In the field provided type:
    and then click the Ok button.

    picture of cover page
  4. You should then see this cover page for the Guidebook:

  5. To avoid having always to retype the address given in step 3, this would be a good time to add a Bookmark for the cover page.

Because the Studio prefers a more hands off approach in order to allow for maximum creativity on the part of the production team, this is only a guideline. While it does provide information, the Studio thinks is important and establishes certain requirements which are to be met by the production team, it is by no means complete. (the Studio is philosophically opposed to knowing all of the answers, just most of them, or, ast least, where to start looking for answers.)

S tudio 1151 Guidebook by Karen McNally and Alan Levine
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI)
Maricopa Community Colleges

The Internet Connection at MCLI is Alan Levine --}
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