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 Explanation of Journal Report with examples
Note: These examples are not necessarily complete. They are intended to get you started using the journal report form. As an aid, use the Journal Checklist when submitting your entries.

Select the month from the popup menu and enter the day into the adjacent field.

project name and password:
Select the project from the popup menu and enter the password provided by the Studio

reported by:
Name of person(s) submitting journal entry

1. Major activities and time spent on each:
This is a list of no more than five of the most important activities in which the team was involved during the week. Be sure to include any and all team meetings. Each crew member should be tracking his/her own activities and the time spent on those activities. All hours the team spent on the project during the week must be accounted for(see asterisked examples below).

Please indicate the activity, the time spent on that activity, and the number of crew members involved. To make things easier, you may want to determine a list of standard activities(i.e., research, meeting, writing, filming, programming, etc.). If you do, be prepared to provide definitions of those activities to the Studio if asked.

Team meeting, 2 hrs. (5)
Content research, 4 hrs. (1)
Writing content, 8 hrs. (2*)
Planning, 1 hr. (1)
Miscellaneous, 1 hr. (3**)

*One crew member worked for 2 hours while another one worked for 6 hours writing content.

**One crew member spent .5 hrs. making copies, another spent .75 hrs. talking to the Studio, and a third crew member spent .75 hrs. selecting background music.

2. What was accomplished?:
This should be a description of actual accomplishments for the week. What did the team complete? What progress has been made and in what areas?

Completed all of the content research. Completed a first draft of the content in script form. Started setting up production schedule.

3. What, if any, problems arose(describe in detail)? How were they handled?:
This should be a description of problems, questions, or issues that came up during the week which affected the project. You should describe what the team did to resolve the issues or get the questions answered. You should also describe how to avoid the problem in the future.

The producer couldn't physically be at the meeting this week, and we couldn't change it to a different time. Since it was important, we held the meeting using a speaker phone so the producer could be included.

4. Interviews of Crew Members:
Interviewing crew members is a way to keep the Studio informed of the production crew's day-to-day reactions, both good and bad. The Studio wants to create an atmosphere of competence, trust, and congeniality, and what better way to do it than to solicit the input of those actually involved in the production? Comments of a positive nature should be quoted(with permission) in your weekly press releases.

Example Questions:
How do you think the project is going? What do you think is working well? What do you think needs to be improved? How do you feel about your role in the project? What do you like most about the project at this point? What do you like least about the project at this point?

5. What needs to be done next week?:
This should be a description or list of activities to begin, continue, or finish in the coming week. This lets the Studio keep track and can help you gauge your team's progress

1.  Complete content research.
2.  Meet to make final decision on what content
    to include and what to leave out.
3.  Start hunt for good graphic artist.
4.  Need to be thinking about media to use.

6. What needs to be done in 2 (or more) weeks?:
This should be a description or list of activities which don't have to be worked on immediately, but will be coming up soon or are of special concern. This list can be used to alert the Studio to potential problems which the Studio may be able to help resolve.

Meet on flowcharts and storyboards. Should we give credit to the dealership letting us photograph a car? Need to be sure we have access to computers on Sundays. Script must be completed on February 16.

7. Press release:
This is a weekly press release on the progress of the project. This will be available via the Internet to those who are interested in following the progress of your team You should include quotes from various crew members.

According to inside sources, production of "Understanding Your Automobile", a Studio 1151 project, continues to progress smoothly and is even ahead of schedule. When asked to what she attributed the quicker than usual pace of production, the producer said, "Without a doubt, I'm working with the best crew in the industry."

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