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 Sample Interview or Focus Group Questions
Interview or focus group questions will most likely be more open-ended than the survey questions. The purpose here is to get the participants to give you lots of specific information. It will take more time to gather this kind of information. It also will take longer to analyze it.

Essentially, you can use any of the items from the survey format. Just re-word them into open-ended questions (questions which require more than a yes/no answer). For example:

  1. How clear was the purpose of the program?
     What do you think was the purpose of the program?

  2. How clear were the directions for using the program?

  3. What was (were) the main learning objective(s) of the program?
     What do you think you were supposed to learn from this program?

  4. What, if any, problems did you encounter as you used the program?

  5. What did you think about the amount of information included in the program?

Other questions might be:
  1. What did you like best about the program?

  2. What did you like least about the program?

  3. What suggestions for improving the program do you have?

  4. Tell me about any problems you had while using the program.

The key here is to get the participants to talk. You want to elicit as much information as possible so you can take care of any issues or fix any problems which may prevent your audience from getting the most out of your product.

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