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the Studio manitains a comprehensive Multimedia Authoring Web for online reference.We also have an up-to-date library available for your use.

  • Apple Computer, Inc.(1994).
    Multimedia demystified. New York: Random House.
  • Bergman, R. E. & Moore, T. V. (1990).
    Managing interactive video/multimedia projects. New Jersey: Educational Technology Publishing.
  • DiZazzo, R. (1993).
    Directing corporate video. Stoneham, MA: Focal Press
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  • Vaughan, Tay (1994).
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  • Guide to Multimedia Super Show & Tell (IBM)
  • Everyday Objects Vol. 1 (IBM/MAC)
  • Metaphorically Speaking (IBM/MAC)
  • BodyShots (MAC)
  • Earth, Air ,Fire ( Water (MAC)
  • Famous Places (Quicktime format) (MAC)
  • Font Fun House (MAC)
  • Font Pro: Volume 1 (MAC)
  • Guided Tour of Multimedia (IBM)
  • MultiMedia Handisc (MAC)
  • Music Factory (MAC)
  • Nature in Motion (MAC)
  • NEC Clip Art 3-d (MAC)
  • Small Blue Planet (MAC)
  • Sound Library 2000 (MAC)
  • Visual Symbols Digital Clip Art (MAC)
  • World Atlas/U.S. Atlas (MAC)

S tudio 1151 Guidebook by Karen McNally and Alan Levine
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI)
Maricopa Community Colleges

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