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 Request for Proposals
The first checkpoint in your timeline is to provide the Studio specific information about the scope and nature of your project. Your team will have to fairly quickly decide on the "plot" keeping in mind the limited amount of time that you have under your contract.

After your first two or three meetings, the concept should be well developed. You will need to schedule a date for our Studio representatives to visit. In this session, your team will make a short oral presentation to "sell" the concept to the Studio. At least two days prior to our visit, you must submit in writing a completed Studio 1151 Request for Proposal Form. We have provided a fully detailed explanation of the form as well as a checklist to help you prepare for the presentation.

For that presentation, the Studio expects participation from the entire team. We do not require any extensive visual aids, but sketches are encouraged. If approved, a Studio representative will sign off on the Acceptance of Proposal Written Agreement and you can proceed with the pre-production phase.

Following are resources for your use in the Request process: If you have any questions, refer to the Studio contacts page in this Guidebook.

S tudio 1151 Guidebook by Karen McNally and Alan Levine
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