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 Proposal Checklist
Here are some things that will help you prepare to sell your idea to the Studio. The items marked by ** are ones that are not necessary at this point but still should be kept in mind as your project develops.
___ Goal or vision is clearly stated.
___ You can measure your success.**

___ Audience performance and/or benefit is clearly stated.
___ You can measure audience performance/benefit.**

___ Audience experience and prior knowledge are indicated.
___ Audience attitudes and interests are indicated.
___ Audience current abilities are stated.
___ Audience demographics are stated.
___ Primary and secondary audiences are indicated.

___ Content is well organized and written clearly with no grammatical or spelling errors.
___ Content contains main topics and sub topics.
___ Content takes into account audience analysis data.
___ Content matches identified goal and expected audience.
___ Content can be adequately covered in time allotted for project.**

___ Clear overview of program is included.
___ Description is from audience's point of view and includes what the audience will see or do.
___ Overall mood, style, or effect is described.
___ Storylines and themes are included.
___ Descriptions of characters, scenes and locations are provided.
___ Presentation methods are described. **
___ Audience environment is described. **

S tudio 1151 Guidebook by Karen McNally and Alan Levine
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