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 Production Team Roles
The following is an alphabetical list of the positions that you might need for your project. Asterisked positions (*) are required. Other positions may or may not be used depending on your end product. Most team members will be assuming more than one role for this project. Outside consultants may be used when necessary.
 As ypu plan and develop your project, the Studio suggests that you maintain a role assignment list, using our standard form.
  • *Accountant- keeps track of budget, costs.
  • Actor- demonstrates or performs content.
  • Artist- draws or uses software for illustrations, characters, backgrounds, etc.
  • Audio Technician- records sound and edits it.
  • Cameraperson- films or takes still photos; digitizes to computer.
  • Computer Expert- programs or codes interactive environments on computer.
  • *Director- supervises actual production including rehearsals, filming, recording, programming, etc.
  • *Historian- does content research and/or acts as journalist, maintains master copy of all project documentation.
  • Musician- plays or chooses music to be used.
  • Narrator- does voice over of content.
  • *Planner- develops production schedule, rents equipment (if necessary).
  • *Producer- oversees the whole process, procures releases and handles copyright issues.
  • *Product Editor- edits film, recordings, looks for programming bugs, etc.
  • *Publicist- creates press releases and the announcement for the Premiere.
  • *Site Coordinator- scopes out and coordinates location(s) for filming, recording, etc.
  • *Text Editor- checks for spelling, grammar, and clarity of all written material, including Request for Proposal Form, any written material in final product, and all accompanying documentation.
  • *Writer- writes all content, scripts, presentations, and accompanying documentation.

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