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 Project Timeline
Planning will be critical for successful completion of your project. As you start the first phases, the Studio most strongly urges you to keep a timeline for planning. You may use this format. Please pay particular attention to the items required by the Studio (marked by **). These are suggested dates and may be achieved earlier then scheduled.

NOTE: the Studio requires journal reports from each team by noon of every Monday during this project.

Week of January 22, 1996
First meeting, start to develop concept, theme, topic.

Week of January 29, 1996

Week of February 5, 1996

Week of February 12, 1996
** Selling the Concept (required meeting with Studio rep). This is an oral presentation accompanied by the Request for Proposal form.

Week of February 19, 1996

Week of February 26, 1996

Week of March 4, 1996
** Production Phase (required meeting with Studio representative) Your team should present all documentation. The Studio will assist in technology selection and planning.

Week of March 11, 1996

Week of March 18, 1996

Week of March 25, 1996

Week of April 1, 1996

Week of April 8, 1996

Week of April 15, 1996

Week of April 22, 1996

Week of April 29, 1996

Week of May 6, 1996
** Premiere The event must be planned in advance.

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