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A Web of Labyrinths

 The team from South Mountain Community College decided to develop a web site that provided information about the appearance and meaning of labyrinths in history and in different cultures. They had studied labyrinths in their Cultural Anthropology course with faculty member Liz Warren.
 For the past several years, Liz and her students have built a temporary labyrinth in front of the campus. This site would also promote interest in a college project to build a permanent Labyrinth Garden. It was planned to create a QuickTime VR scene every year to show the progress of the site as it was developed.
 The goal was not only to provide static information, but also to provide some interactive activities. One part would include and animated tutorial for drawing the classic seven circuit labyrinth. Another activity, based upon an activity developed by Sig Lonegren, would be a virtual exploration of the Inner Labyrinth, a self-questioning exercise that can be used in goal setting and decision-making.
 The team developed a flow chart for the site and spent a lot of effort researching the many resources available on the Internet (such as Geomancy site). These will be developed into a Gallery of Labyrinths and looks to be a growing collection.
 The site is available from:

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Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI)
Maricopa Community Colleges

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