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Negative Reinforcement University (NRU)

What is NRU?
NRU IS A VIRTUAL place to experience and learn about negative reinforcement, one of the more difficult concepts to teach and learn in Psychology. There are three main parts to NRU:
    In the Lecture Hall you will receive information about negative reinforcement from the dry professor, Dr. Bernard. While the classroom may look deserted, there is definitely something you will learn here.
     But it may take some time to understand negative reinforcement, so you can study seven examples in the Laboratory, where you can try to identify negative behaviors as well as the consequences that result.
     And finally, you will enter the Testing Room, where you can check if you have gained an understanding of negative reinforcement
NEWSFLASH! NRU has now been rebuilt as an application that will run via the web, using shockwave technology! Look for yourself at:

 Take a Tour
If you would like a small taste of NRU, we have created a walk through tour of some of the NRU screens. Where appropriate, we have included samples of the storyboards that the team created from their original flow chart.
 The Team
THE TEAM THAT DESIGNED NRU are from Scottsdale Community College. Four students were recruited from Bernie Combs' Fall 1995 Psychology course and signed up for a 2 credit special credit section for the 1996 Spring semester. The Studio did not require any computer expertise, although one of the team members was very skilled at multimedia.
 Why not meet the team or view a snapshot of the team at work? The team also participated in a presentation at the 1996 League of Innovation Conference in Phoenix, as detailed in a Studio press release.
 Technical Details
NRU WAS CREATED with Macromedia Director 5.0 and designed for distribution on hybrid CD-ROM, to run on Macintosh and Windows platforms. The 3D scenes were created in Strata Studio Pro. Images were edited using Adobe PhotoShop. Audio clips were edited using Macromedia SoundEdit 16 and viode clips were edited with Adobe Premiere. Video clips were compressed with Terran Interactive's MovieCleaner Pro.

Audio/video digitizing, editing, and 3D rendering were performed on an Apple Power Macintosh 8500. Authoring was performed on a Macintosh Quadra 900 (DayStar PowerPro upgraded) and a Rycom 486/66 DX2.

S tudio 1151 Negative Reinforcement University (1996)

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