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This is in archive of the site that once resided at now archived at When last updated Jan 18, 2002 it linked to 1266 community college web sites plus 177 related resource sites. Links were last checked January 7, 2002.

Community colleges are two year post-secondary institutions that offer certificate programs, Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Sciences degrees, plus many other programs. According to latest statistics from the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), there are 1,166 community colleges in the United States. (see also AACC's About Community Colleges)

This site contains a searchable index to the web sites for 1266 community colleges in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere around the world. The interface we set up allows you to search alphabetically (by the first letter of the college's name), geographically (by the country/state/province), or by keywords in the college name, location, or web address.

(the original per search script is rendered dead, but the original data is searchable in an Awesome Table powered interface).

Please note! This site provides a search tool to find only the web site addresses of community colleges. If you are trying to search for a particular program, entrance information, degree requirements, etc, try one of the other search sites such as College Opportunities
, US News & World Report, or Yahoo/Peterson's College Search.

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