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Writing HTML Alumni Summa Cum Laude
The amount of activity (ok, number of hits) for our tutorial
is incredible. You can browse the works of our grads by clicking the "alumni" link at the top of every web page- this runs a program on our server that picks ten entries at random. Anyone can register by using the web page form:
But let's visit some grads...

The Good Mood Page
"A Self-Help Page for Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Other Unhappy Emotional States" This web greats you with pleasant sunny graphics, a clean design, and lots of content.

lots of spiffy graphics on this personal home page

"This is the homepage of Tulip and Greg. Here you will find their "his and hers" links, and maybe even a few surprises. Tulip (my IRC nickname) and Greg have been married for 12 years and fight constantly over who gets to use the better computer. Despite this ongoing battle, they agree that the internet is a fun and powerful tool and want to show you some of what they consider to be the best of the web and a few of their favorite newsgroups." They have gone beyond the tutorial, as suggested by the animated GIF and scrolling JavaScript message.

Saint Andrew's School - Bob Kenyon

Cruisin' With StarText
"For anyone who wants to learn HTML, this is the site for you. I wished I'd known about it before I wasted all of my money on the books that I bought. Thank you for the wonderful site and the work you put into it." He offers even higher praise from his web pages!

Come scrivere in HTML
Glauco Mancini learned so much, he translated the tutorial into Italian.

It's Big! Its BigBook! Sasquatch!
Go now. Bookmark this puppy:

There are pretty web sites, cool web sites, awful web sites, and occaisionally, one comes along that knocks your socks off.

Kurt Leinbach has been telling me about BigBook. Yes, it is another giant (11 million listings!) searchable directory for businesses such as:

NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages
But BigBook includes not only the address and phone number but a map to the location. And not just a plain map, but one in which you can zoom in and get the name of individual streets.

For example, I remember a favorite restaurant in Baltimore called something like "Philadelphia Inn:. I enter this, click "Search" and zip! I get the address, phone number, and a map where I can see that it is (still) located on the Old Philadelphia highway. Zooming in, I see that it is between the side streets of Baron Place and King Avenue.


Thinking I was onto something, I entered the name of a hotel we stayed at in Ocean City, MD, the "Stowaway". The results came back indicating an address of 10th Street and Boardwalk (Hmm... I recall it was on 21st Street! but it may have moved), but even so, the location X was out in the Bay!

Still.. this is a pretty impressive site. Plus the web site authors seem to have a quirky sense of humor.

More Map Sites

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection
from the University of Texas at Austin, holds more than 230,000 maps covering every area of the world.

is an innovative company providing high quality digital road maps and technologically advanced supporting software. EtakMap databases cover the continental United States and Hawaii with feature-rich databases that show single streets ranging from alleys to freeways. These databases also contain addresses, landmarks, parks and water.

Fun With Maps (also from ETAK)


Realtime traffic stats and photos of Phoenix Arizona and its surrounding areas. You can see live maps and photos from the cameras mounted along the freeways.

U.S. Gazatteer
Okay the front page is plain government issue grey screen and text.
But you type the place name of ANY town (or zipcode) in the USA and it returns the latest census data. And more. For example, I like Bisbee, AZ. So I just type in "Bisbee". And I find out there is also a Bisbee in North Dakota:
     * Bisbee, ND (city)
       Population (1990): 227
       Location: 48.62660 N, 099.37827 W
       Zip Code(s): 
       Browse Tiger Map of area.
       Lookup 1990 Census STF1A, STF3A tables. 
     * Bisbee, AZ (city)
       Population (1990): 6288
       Location: 31.40456 N, 109.91747 W
       Zip Code(s): 
       Browse Tiger Map of area.
       Lookup 1990 Census STF1A, STF3A tables. 
So it gives me the 1990 population and latitude/longitude. The links to "STF1A" tables were not working, but a link to another site:
Showed that this data is the very detailed census data, where you can pull up statistics in about 100 categories! including among other things the times that people leave for work. The amount of data is staggering, to say the least.

But the real exicitng part is where you click on the link to the TIGER map service, which apparently creates on the fly, a map of showing the location of Bisbee! Four buttons on the side of the mpa allow you to navigate to the adjacent map area on all sides.

But wait! There is more! You can zoom in on the mpas to see even the detail of Bisbee street layouts!

Grab Bag of URLs

Ugh. Not to start another "rating system" but I am putting * ** *** **** in front of some of these to highlight some of them.

**** Shifting Boundaries of Intellectual Property:
Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Publishing on the WWW
(Thanks to Karen Schalm, GCC) The following set of links provide information on issues of copyright intellectual property, and simultaneous print-based and digital publishing.

Hot Property
is a comprehensive WWW resource for intellectual property and copyright law as it applies to electronic media

Virtual Tour of Tokyo

**** Internet Course at Univ of Alberta

**** Academic Advising Resources on the Internet
were originally designed for the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Region 7 pre-conference workshop entitled "Academic Advising Resources on the Internet" held in Austin, Texas, this past May. The site is being developed and maintained as a starting point for academic advisors, and others in higher education, who are beginning to explore the Internet.

**** Job Listings in Academia
job announcements provided by the human resources departments of over 400 colleges and universities in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

is a mailing list for World Wide Web based library managers. http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Web4Lib/archive.html

Mind Mapping Software

Sonic Science
is dedicated to developing innovative products and technologies for the post production industry. We offer a range of outstanding audio-related products, including the world's most powerful sound retrieval and media management system, Sonic Search, as well as a variety of high quality CD audio and CD-ROM sound effect and production music libraries.

*** ZDnet Trailblazer
explores all the best computing sites, offers site reviews with links to hot content, and organizes its nearly 500 (and growing) entries under familiar computer headings. GREAT STARTING POINTS!

**** IWAY 500
Looking for places to go on the Web? Why not start with the best? What you need is a list of the best sites for each major category. The I-way 500 is such a list. It ranks the 25 best sites in each of 20 categories. The I-way 500 differs from most other best-of lists in that we have ranked the sites based on seven specific criteria. EVEN BETTER STARTING POINTS!

**** Blue Web'n
a library of Internet-based instruction

The Gathering
the largest college web site, features monthly inter- active scholarships, academic and career resources, sports, news, travel, entertainment, debates, internship opportunities, The Lounge and thousands of college related links.

**** National Registration Center for Study Abroad (NRCSA)
evaluates Foreign Language Immersion Centers and Universities around the world, Selects the best programs which extend a hospitable welcome to international visitors, encourages the learning of foreign languages and understanding of other cultures, and Preregisters people of all ages who wish to attend the better foreign programs.

Portable Network Graphics Specifications