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alan levine ~~ Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction ~~ http://www.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/eye/

So you've created a web page? What if I said, "so what?" The

Web Pages That

state of the page is in transition. Background textures are


passé (tired) and solid bgcolors are in (wired).

Look Like Web Pages

But beyond that, a guy named Dave Siegel is blasting new terrain


into what can be done.... mostly with the use of space!

alan levine

Curious? Then check out

Severe Tire Damage on the Information SuperHighway

 So what is it all about? This is not the typical hip java-

slobbering gizmo worshipping, but a return to the art of

typography and design. Rather than continue to just talk

why don't we just let you take a stroll on over to


and see for yourself how it is done.

 What we have done here is to provide a copycat

version of what is possible. Some of the key elements

include "non-standard" spacing between sentences, white

space margins, drop caps, and paragraph indentation. The

HTML can end up looking pretty cryptic, but that is all

behind the scenes ("Ignore that man behind the curtain!")

 You certainly will wait a long time until PageMill

or Microsoft's latest concoctions (acquisitions) can

produce this. Get down and dirty with HTML. Now.