enter web's eye view

can we talk? see? chat?
They (the invisible technopundits) have been saying for a long time that person to person video communication will be a BIG THING or perhaps a NEXT BIG THING. Over the years, we have dabbled with CU-SeeMe as well as NetMeeting with the bulk of the time spent saying, "Can you hear me? I cannot see you.." , "What?", "That was completely garbled", and "Let's use the chat window.."

In the summer of 1998, we came across a new software that seemed to drop the hurdle low enough that it might be used for effective communication ofer the net. In fact, we used it to run a meeting with 25 people at Mesa Community College connected across the country to 5 students and an instructor from Seton Hall University.

The software and the company is called iVisit and the principals helped develop the early Cornell versions of Cu-SeeMe. The client version (as of now) is free, and can be downloaded from http://www.ivisit.com/ where you can also find more information about how it works, how to use it etc.

the webs eye room
When you start the iVisit software, it connects you to their directory server, where you can chose to enter different "rooms" or even create your own room. In August of 1998, we started dabbling with hosting a semi-regular sessions where we can "meet" there and talk about the web, teaching, and learning.

Although you need a computer camera such as a Connectix QuickCam to be seen by others, you can still see and hear others if you do not have a camera. To be able to talk to others, you will need to have a microphone properly connected to your computer.

how do I find the web's eye?
From the main iVisit set of screens, you must open the iVisit Directory window, and open the folder labeled More Rooms. If we have set up a web's eye view room, it will be listed here. Just select that line and click the join button (4th from the left in the lower row of buttons). From there, the guest window will display icons for all those that are in the room. Double-click any of the icons to open that persons video in a new window.

For more information, see the iVisit Users Guide.

wow! when does it happen
We will make annoucenments via the web's eye view listserv. To date, we have had the following sessions:

date participants notes
07/16/98 4 One visitor connected with 28.8 modem in new Mexico. [chat session]
07/24/98 6 some network disruptions in our building, excellent clarity between our office and Glendale Community College [chat session]
08/25/98 5 Not too many folks showed up, some were styimed behind their firewall. [chat session]