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-- the Labyrinth February 1993 --

Tools for the Internet:

KnoWare Tech Tips
Alan Levine, MCLI
KnoWare presents a tool for the Internet. In The Whole Internet, Ed Krol describes one such tool as "easier to use than to talk about." This article introduces Gopher for accessing Internet resources.

Figure 1. Gopher from a VAX client

Ficure 2. Gopher from a Macintoh client (TurboGopher)

Gopher is a menu-driven tool for "prowling" the Internet. At the selection menu item, you transfer to other Gopher servers, numerous library catalogs, archives of software to download, collections of journal articles, databases such as ERIC or WAIS, and more. Gopher takes you from one Internet site to the next and back. This friendly rodent orchestrates all of the transmission details.

Client applications for Gopher include TurboGopher for the Macintosh, "DOSgofer" for IBM/PC, and "Gopher v1.3.2" for the NeXT. These are available from the MCLI Public file server, in the "Into the Internet" folder. Look in the MCLI Public file server for more information on other Internet tools such as WAIS (Wide Area Information Servers) and WWW (World Wide Web).

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