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Our Spring 2000 issue will feature college by college brief summaries of "Who's Doing What" in teaching, learning, technology, and assessment, as well as short articles highlighting innovative ideas in these areas. In previous years (Fall 1997, Spring 1995) this has been a popular format for sharing the successful practices among the Maricopa family.


Who's Doing What: the Maricopa Learning Exchange
Spring 2000 Vol 8 # 2

It's this type of sharing that will lay the groundwork for a new exciting electronic format we are developing-- the "Maricopa Learning Exchange." Think of it as a virtual open air market of ideas, a place where faculty and staff can connect via a web-based database of teaching and learning resources. The learning exchange will include strategies for learning, linking materials, creating activities, developing models, building lesson plans, and sharing meaningful stories of lessons learned.

If you are interested in listing your contribution to "Who's Doing What" please submit the form below. This can include examples from your colleagues (i.e. this does not have to be something you are directly involved with).

NOTE: This form is no longer active since the deadline has long passed and the issue has been published!

idea: This is a successful example, or an innovation in teaching, technology, or assessment:


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