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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 1998 07:32:45 +0000
From: Jon Lea & Bob Hetzel <jonfbobh@internetegypt.com>
Subject: Labyrinth-Forum time

They just started a users group here in Egypt. The next talk will demonstrate video conferencing. Who know's maybe we can still see each other.

I finally hired/found a computer guru who comes to my house to trouble-shoot technical/software problems. It is good to not be so isolated!

Everything takes twice as long over here! Bokra (as in manana, later, maybe) becomes a way of life. Once you accept that the pace will be different, life is simpler. I am planning an advising seminar in Abu Dhabi for October. Working through the bureacracies of the U.S. government, details of flight arrangements and power failures makes this a wonderful "learning" experience. Who would have thought that advising is an international career opportunity!

I continue to be amazed at the influence of computers. My organization just helped with the implementation of the computer-based TOEFL testing...talk about moving into the next millienium. Many issues, culturally and technologically, but progress marches on.

Just so you know that it is not all work and no play...the other reason I need to wait until October 10 is that we have a five day National Holiday and I will be living in a desert monastery for two days and at a luxury Red Sea resort for three....love those life choices!

Hope life is good in Phoenix. We are mostly safe over here. After the Embassy bombings security was tightened everywhere but our day-to-day lives remain safe and peacefilled. Egyptians remain kind and generous but there is a low-grade impatience with some of the U.S. policies. Because Egypt has been colonized by so many countries, the people on the street seem to be able to separate politics from individuals. Every year things get a little more conservative, a few more women covered, a few more books censored, etc. It seems to be mostly economic reasons for this transition.

Ma Salaama,

Jon Lea

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