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Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 09:20:16 +0000
From: Jon Lea & Bob Hetzel <jonfbobh@internetegypt.com>
Subject: Re: Egypt Calling!

As Woody Allen says, "Life is full of misery, sadness, disappointment and despair. And it is over all too soon!" I look forward to a new millennium of messiness. I think we will be sifting through all of the possibilities, choices and mistakes for many years to come. I think Y2K is a great, frustrating symbol of this chaos! Living with the constant friction of old and new, west and east, hierarchy and grass-roots, I loved the partnership of Wheatley and Fibber!! (see attached article) In spite of some of the unexplainable things that happen today, I optimistically believe that we can create learning communities, kindness communities and diverse communities that will allow us to partner with life and not conquer it.

"Like all life, we learn to sidestep the fearful minds that keep us from the great cohering motions which give meaning to our lives. 'There is only the dance,' wrote T.S. Eliot. There is only the dance of coherence, and it is the only dance which brings us joy."(a simpler way) I enjoy the coincidence that Egypt gave us this opportunity to collaborate. Naomi and you have provided a way to sidestep naysayers and create a place to think about what is possible. This is good...Thanks!

Did I mention that I have upgraded to Windows '98? YIKES, I have become a computer snob who likes to have the latest. I am sending my article as an attachment, let me know if it is readable. As always feel free to do what is necessary to print.

Ma Salaama,
Jon Lea

Please give my regards to my friend and colleague, John Nelson and Betty Field when she returns from another adventure!


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