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Thanks for the advanced notice...It is always so interesting how these topics you are reflecting upon come up in your life in so many places. LISTENING is something I have been trying to pay more attention to in our busy lives. I'll see what kind of international spin I can come up with this time.

Bob and I will be in Cairo for two more years. We thought it was silly to leave just when we had FINALLY gotten over culture shock and knew what we were doing....or should I say, knew that we know nothing and that isn't such a bad place to be. He is busy leading the school towards being a learning community, creating standards and assessments, integrating technology into the classroom and appreciating Egyptian culture. Sound familiar? Professionally I have been blessed with this wonderful international education job that lets me travel, keeps my finger in the higher education business and I only have to do it 1/2 time. I am currently planning an International Advising Conference for November to be held in New Delhi. So I will get to visit India while I am teaching and learning....It is just as easy to learn in an exotic place as an ordinary place! Personally I have time to follow a Joseph Campbell type life of study and reflection about "the meaning of life". Sorry I cannot divulge the answer...hint: it's a mystery!

Here is a little listening poem:

	"When Someone Deeply Listens to You"
	by john fox

	When someone deeply listens to you
	it is like holding out a dented cup
	you've had since childhood
	and watching it fill up with
	cold, fresh water.
	When it balances on top of the brim,
	you are understood.
	When it overflows and touches your skin,
	you are loved.

	When someone deeply listens to you,
	the room where you stay
	starts a new life
	and the place where you wrote
	your first poem
	begins to glow in your mind's eye.
	It is as if gold has been discovered!

	When someone deeply listens to you,
	your bare feet are on the earth
	and a beloved land that seemed distant
	is now at home within you.
Thanks for the invitation,

Jon Lea

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