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Ocotillo College Centers' Meeting: Nov 22, 2005
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Ocotillo College Centers' Meeting: Nov 22, 2005

Glendale Community College
11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
High Tech 1 (HT1) Teleconference room (see map)


  • Roger Yohe (Estrelle Mountain)
  • Jeff Anderson (Mesa)
  • Donna Gaudet (Mesa)
  • Jennifer Freed (Rio Salado)
  • Julie Magadan (Phoenix)
  • Jennifer Strickland (Paradise Valley)
  • Tom Foster (Chandler-Gilbert)
  • Sandra Wells (Phoenix)
  • Debbie Krumtinger (Glendale)
  • Kasey Furlong (Glendale)
  • John Gibson (Glendale)
  • Karen Gurney (South Mountain)
  • Angela Ambrosia (Rio Salado)
  • Brad Kincaid (Mesa)
  • Alan Levine (MCLI)
  • Vashi Worley (MCLI)
  • Melanie Kroening (Mesa)
  • Amy MacPherson (South Mountain)
  • Christine Moore (Glendale)
  • Sidne Tate (Scottsdale)
  • Sue Murry (Glendale)

Welcome and Introductions

Alan Levine, MCLI
Alan welcomed everyone to the meeting. Jean Ann Abel sent greetings but was unable to attend the meeting because of prior engagements.

Updates From College Centers


  • South Mountain - The learning center is called Technology Learning Center (TLC), which also stands for tender, love, and care. It started, as a grassroots movement of faculty needs. It is a combination of classroom, teaching and learning and has increased one-third since the beginning.
  • Paradise Valley - Learning Center plans for 2009 building are in the works. They have loose plans and are looking for examples.
  • Estrella Mountain - The learning center has been operating for six years.
  • Glendale - Interested in software and different testing methods for WebCT. They are currently testing software, so the examples given today may assist them in the future.
  • Rio Salado - The Instructional Designers worked closely with Rio’s faculty to create a learning center for Rio Salado. Their Brown Bag on Gadgets was well taken. They are still Podcast testing. They would like to capture all wellness and diversity events as well as course specific events and place the material on a MP3.
  • Scottsdale - The learning center started with a grassroots of faculty needs. It is still in the beginning and is still trying to figure out what the faculty needs are at each campus.
  • District - Alan would like input on the idea of revamping the Ocotillo action groups. Would like to have events scheduled so that they are not in competition with each other. He would like to form a group that could lobby for current technology and support innovation. Alan is interested in getting more people involved in the decision-making at campus level and ITAC. If the group is not able to attend meetings in person then the group could use an electronic channel of communication. He is interested in diversifying technology and creating new concepts over the summer.

Adobe New Media Center (NMC) Partnership Information

Alan Levine, MCLI
NMC provides license for Adobe and Macromedia Software for faculty usage. Vice Chancellor pays for membership; because of the membership you will receive an education discount on software.

Breakout Sessions on Centers at Ocotillo Retreat

Alan Levine, MCLI
Unfortunately, John was not able to make it to the meeting, but he was interested in engaging the learning center representative in a miniature panel discussion about the centers for the Ocotillo Retreat at Paradise Valley Community College on May 16, 2006. John may be in contact with the representative in the future.

Welcome and Introductions

Alan Levine, MCLI

New at Glendale: Faculty Connection Center (FCC)

Christine Moore and Glendale Colleagues
Twenty-five faculty members from Glendale Community College met during finals week in Spring 2005, and they are interested in creating a Faculty Connection Center (FCC) that would allow faculty to connect resources with experts. The group would like to include faculty who do not have an interest in technology. Christine and colleagues are looking at locations and means that will allow them to afford staff for the new the FCC. The location can be used for small group meetings as well. The group considered using a website as an information resource. Suggestions were given to Christine and colleagues were:

  • Use a newsletter or information calendar to inform the faculty of the new information that FCC is providing.
  • Write a grant to help pay for staff support.
  • Hire staff that faculty can associate with the FCC and can help with graphic design.
  • Attend departmental meetings to keep the departments aware of what FCC can offer.
  • Meet with individuals when there is time.
  • Hire student help to assist with graphic design.
  • Offer incentives such as food and prizes.
  • Integrate library services.
  • Invite groups to use the space for meetings.
  • Follow up with an email or a phone call.

After the discussion, we got to see the current space in HT2 that will be converted to the new center.

Where do we go from here?

Alan Levine MCLI
Alan Levine is interested in spending more time at the learning centers at the campus level. Would like to meet on a regular basis to stay in tune with what is going on at each college. He is willingly to speak and to demonstrate new technologies.

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Ocotillo College Centers' Meeting: Nov 22, 2005
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