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Evolution of Ocotillo Overview
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Ocotillo Evolution... changes over the years 1987-2023

ocotillo's evolution...

Ocotillo Evolution 1987-2023
As a metaphor for learning in the landscape of technology Ocotillo has and continues to evolve with the changing climate of teaching and learning. The evolution of different committees since 1988 demonstrates how the agenda has changed from pure use of technology to addressing broader issues and a wider range of faculty. The 1996-1997 change from topical committees to college based roundtables shows how Ocotillo grew to be more central to instructional technology at the Maricopa Colleges.

Evolution of Ocotillo 1988-2023

Years Emphasis of Committees / Issues
1988-1990 Instructional Technology
    Strategic Planning

People involved: primarily innovators

1990-1991 Initial integration of teaching and learning with technology.
1991-1993 Continual integration of instructional technology with teaching and learning. Moving from concepts to real solutions.

People involved: innovators and early adopters

1993-1996 Teaching and Learning and how enhanced by/with instructional technolgies.

People involved: innovators, early adopters, and early majority

1996-1997 hiatus to reflect, restructure, "flip-over" ocotillo

People involved: ocotillo chair, support staff, college groups

1997-2004 re-invention as network of college-based teaching, learning, technology roundtables (TLTRs)

People involved: college-based roundtables, faculty chairs and supported by deans of instruction

2004-2023 another flip back to topic based "action groups" to address common issues

People involved: 8 faculty co-chairs, innovators, adopters, newbies engaged in a series of workshops and events in both face to face and hybrid/online format


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Evolution of Ocotillo Overview
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