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Ocotillo Spotlight on Instructional Technology : april 2005
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Ocotillo Spotlight on Instructional Technology... is a monthly electronic newsletter that highlights an innovative use of technology at one of the Maricopa Community Colleges.

Ocotillo Spotlight on Instructional Technology

Note: The Ocotillo Spotlight is no longer published, but all previous issues will remain on this site.

spotlight for April 2005
For the April 2005 Ocotillo Spotlight we see how Glendale Community College's Training Employee Development (TED) has streamlined the registration and management of their workshops via a web-based system called "TEDitor."

Glendale's TEDitor Registration Database and Monthly Training Web Pages

written by Don Jensen-Bobadilla Glendale Community College

TEDitor is used by the staff of Glendale Community College's Training and Employee Development (TED) Center-- Deborah Krumtinger, Karen Russo, Dennis Topel, and predominately Don Jensen-Bobadilla.

It is used constantly and continually to update and add new training sessions and workshops each month we advertise to our campus and to our neighboring sister colleges employees at Estrella Mountain, Phoenix College, and Paradise Valley.

Thanks to the creative mind of Bobby Sample, Glendale Community College Innovation Center, the TEDitor was created to help mainstream the TED's need for online registration, an online database, online post pre-evaluations, and door signage, rosters and reporting functions needed.

In addition, TEDitor provides a smooth and easy way to post all the training sessions and workshops onto a web page each month via a ColdFusion and Access database Bobby assembled.

People interested in our workshops just have to simply view our webpage, (http://www.gc.maricopa.edu/ted) and click the checkboxes for all the workshops training sessions they wish to attend. They can even click to get online workshop descriptions. The end-user inputs their name, email, phone, campus employee group at the bottom of the webpage... TEDitor takes care of the rest!

I log into TEDitor to verify their online registrations, in turn, TEDitor automatically generates an email to the end-user. In addition, a day or two prior the training session or workshop, an email can be generated to send a reminder to the attendees.

After the training session or workshop, I click their attendance status and automatically an online evaluation is emailed to the end-user. After 30-days of the initial training session or workshop, a post-evaluation is also automatically generated and emailed to the attendees. Just this piece alone has saved the office coordinator hours and hours of data collection and calculation. TEDitor rocks!

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