starting points
  • TLT Group
    is the AAHE affiliate that has strongly promoted and supported the STA concept. See especialy their web site for the "STA+" program, featuring resources and workshop materials.

  • MCC STA web site
    "The STA program is designed to provide a learning experience for students. Faculty and Staff mentoring relationships are key. Contractual relationships exist between mentors and students and weekly meetings are conducted to monitor dynamics of work responsibilities. Students meet monthly to share experiences and help evolve the STA program. Electronic communications help intertwine participants. The STA program provides valuable work experience that can be a great addition to career goals. "

  • Student Technology Consultants (STC)
    " The Student Technology Consultant program at William Paterson promotes technology support by staffing the public access computing spaces, leading faculty/student tutorials and projects, and offering software workshops."

  • Student Technology Assistant Clearinghouse
    The STAC Clearinghouse Page will serve as a tool for the construction, maintenance and propagation of Student Technology Assistant programs in colleges and universities around the nation. Students have been used as "lab monitors" from the time there have been public access computing spaces, but Student Technology Assistant programs recognize the vital role that students have to play in solving the support crisis that plagues higher education. Student Technology Assistant programs train undergraduates in both technology and consultation skills in order to help students and faculty adopt and integrate innovative computing applications in classwork and research. Student Technology Assistant programs can take many different forms, but all share the need for ideas and support from similar programs around the nation. The STAC Clearinghouse Page serves to unite proponents of and participants from these programs by offering a forum in which ideas can be shared, discussed, dissected and resolved.

  • Academic Consultants for Excellence (Seton Hall University)
    "is designed to bring students, faculty, staff and administrators together to support the use of information technology to enhance teaching and learning."

  • Student Computing Resources (Washington State University)
    "For the Students... by the students"

  • Student Technology Services (STS) (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
    designated as a model for student- managed organizations. STS was formed in response to the "technology support service crisis" at UWM. It accomplishes two goals: a.) the delivery of quality technology and media- related services to the campus community, and b.) the professional development and empowerment of each STS student employee.

  • Student Technology Assistant in Residence (STARs) (Southern Methodist University) "is for SMU students who wish to help faculty create Web pages and assist with other classroom related projects. This competitive program offers perks such as loaner laptops. STARs are selected from the top students who go through the Accelerated Student Assistant Program Bootcamp."

  • University of Dayton Webmentors are students that are teaching their teachers! "formed as part of the Learning Village team, helping to move the University into the digital age of technology. We are about empowering faculty to take control of these new web technologies for teaching, learning, and scholarship."