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LEE Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Memory Error (Windows XP/2000)

I get the message "This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run." when I try to run LEE with Windows 2000 or Windows XP and I am unable to use the software. What should I do?
Unfortunately, there are conflicts with LEE and Windows Virtual Memory. We have heard reports that launching LEE from the 16-bit abblication version (the LEE-16 icon on the CD) resolves this problem.

Otherise, you will need to adjust your virtual emory settings, as suggested here and here. More Google searches may provide other suggestions

Sound Error

When I try to play a LEE sound on a Mac LC, I get an error message, "-206 is with the file: Lee:program=unit4:audio:4d_1.aif". What can I do?
Mac LC's and Mac II's are capable of playing 8-bit sound while the LEE audio files are 16-bit (higher quality). Later Mac models are capable of 16-bit audio. However, if you are running on any version of System 7 and have at least QuickTime 1.5 installed, Apple's Sound Manager 3 can help these older machines play 16-bit sound. Also, installing System 7.5.5 or later adds this functionality as well.

LEE Printing

When my students use LEE they sometimes have not selected a printer and must quit and return to do this. Is there anything we can do?
This has been changed in the June 2000 version of LEE, it now runs in an application window, allowing students to switch between different applications or allowing them to access their printer control panel.

LEE on the Web

Can I use LEE via the web?
Unfortunately no. LEE was actually first designed in the mid 1980s and the current version has implemented in 1997. At that time, our research indicated the needs of the initial design (rich audio and an ability to print) precluded a version that could be delivered via the web. Although this is technically feasible now, it is beyond our scope to re-program the entire program.

LEE Networked

Can LEE run on a Network Server?
Yes, we are aware of institutions that are using LEE on a local area network, but we cannot provide specific details beyond making sure that all files are copied as is from the LEE CD-ROM and checking with your network administrator.


How can I get a copy of LEE?
We are not trying to become rich in the software business, so we are willing to provide individual copies of LEE for a nominal handling charge of US$10. This allows us to make more copies of LEE for future interested persons. Please see our order form.


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LEE Frequently Asked Questions
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