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Organization of LEE

LEE is organized in units that cover 22 different grammar concepts. Within each unit, you may look at five equivalent lessons in different topic areas: employment, food, health, school, and transportation. Lessons within a unit have the same instructional objectives and set of grammar rules. The main difference among the lessons lies in the content and vocabulary.

For each lesson, LEE includes:

  • A story that provides a preview of the grammar concept introduced in the unit used in a particular context. The story is presented twice. The first time you may read and listen to the story to get familiar with its content. The second time, you see all the examples of the grammar concept used in the story highlighted.
  • Rules that explain the grammar concept and examples that illustrate its use.
  • Exercises that provide you the opportunity to practice the rules that you have just learned.
  • A review option is available within the exercises. This option allows you to access a summary of the rules at any time and to then return to the exact section of the program on which you were working.
  • Assessment that lets you determine how much you have learned after completing each unit. LEE offers the option to print the completed test.


maricopa center for learning & instruction (mcli)
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