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Sample Screens

  • The opening screen of the program.

  • From the unit menu you can select any of the twenty-two units.
  • Each unit starts with objectives.

  • All units include five equivalent lessons, each using content from the topics areas of employment, food, health, school, and transportation.

  • Each lesson contains four sections: Story, Rules, Exercise, and Assessment.

  • The story illustrates a grammatical concept. You can read the story or listen to an audio version of it. After reading or listening to the story once, you then read it again, but this time the grammatical concepts are highlighted.

  • Next, a series of screens describes a set of Rules.

  • Following the Rules are a variety of exercises, including Multiple Choice, fill in the blank, complete the charts, click to form sentences from words, click and drag sequencing, type complete sentences. Typically each Exercise section contains five different types of questions, each with five different items to complete. For the first four questions, the computer provides simple feedback. In the fifth exercise, you must type write your own sentences using words or concepts covered in the lesson. Since this cannot be appropriately judged by the computer, LEE prints a paper copy that can be handed in to a tutor or an instructor. From each Exercise screen, you can review the rules or jump to any other part of the lesson.

  • The final section is an assessment which includes items that are similar to the exercises except that no feedback is provided by the computer. At the end of the assessment, you may print out a copy of all the test items and your answers.


maricopa center for learning & instruction (mcli)
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Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (mcli)
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