Negative Reinforcement University

Welcome to NRU
NRU is an interactive environment for the study of negative reinforcement, one of the more challenging concepts to teach and learn in Psychology. Enter the main campus building to start your path toward your N.R. diploma. There is no messy paperwork to enroll at NRU! And school is open 24 hours a day, every day!
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School Supplies
Before going to class, check your school supplies (NRU Security will verify this at the door):
  • You will need a modern web browser (this site was originally created in 1996)! NRU should work in Chrome, Firefox, Safari. We can only guess wildly about Internet Explorer

  • You will also likely need the Shockwave plug-in from Macromedia Adobe.

  • You can never have too fast of an Internet connection! You can make your away around campus on a 28.8 modem (ahem, remember this was made on the mid 1990s, no broadband at home then), but the hallways may become crowded and sluggish, especially during peak school hours.

Finding Your Way Around Campus
NRU is an explorative environment, so you will have to look and feel your way around, and find out where things are. Once you enter the campus, your mouse will change to indicate directions you can move:

left pointer (move to the right)
right pointer (move to the left)
up pointer (move forward or grab an object)

When you are ready, click to the front door and go to class. If you do not even see the front door, check in at the NRU JavaScript Security Office.

About NRU
Macromedia: 1997 People's Choice Awards Finalist NRU was designed by a team of Scottsdale Community College students and psychology instructor Bernie Combs, working in conjunction with the Studio 1151 project. The original version was designed for CD-ROM and was created in Macromedia Director 5.0. Without changing the design or content, we have been able to create a shockwave web version that is broken into small enough chunks to play across the Internet. (More info about NRU...)