Research Mentor

Research Mentor

is a project being developed by MCLI with Rod Freeman, English faculty at Estrella Mountain Community College. For the student, it provides an environment to use various computer-based research tools, including those on the Internet.

The program is a template in which instructors of any discipline may create up to 13 lessons. From within each lesson, the student has available:

Screen Shots

Research Mentor comes with two "built-in" tools:

Research Mentor can be set up with a student record database so that they log in under their ID number. The program will record how many lessons they have done as well as keep a log of time spent in the program and what applications were used. Research Mentor comes with an external program to maintain student records and another one to accumulate and tally the electronic feedback. Research Mentor has its own "Authoring" environment for writing the assignments, designating external resources, and setting other program attributes. Working in this environment requires no programming knowledge.


Research Mentor is HyperCard 2.x based and requires a color Macintosh with at least a 13" monitor. The computer should have enough RAM to provide 2 MB to HyperCard. The program requires a minimum of 1.2 MB of disk space.

"It sounds great, how do I..."

Unfortunately, this project has passed by and is no longer active. Watch a video of a walkthrough of screens.