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Bernie Combs
Scottsdale Community College

We've provided a collection of screen captures from the current HyperCard version of this program. In the future, we will be moving the entire program to a WWW format.

NOTE:All image files are 480X360 x 480 GIF images, all less than 50k in size. Full size images (640X480) are also available.

Screen Title


Objectives The instructional objectives are clearly stated up front. All content, practice, and assessment are aligned with these three objectives. [fullsize image]
Methods Menu The main menu links to information screens for the five research methods. [fullsize image]
Methods Information For each method, the user will read a description and summaries of the stregnths and limitations of each. From this screen, you can explore a method from an example in one of the discipline areas.
Sample Study For each discipline, two examples of the method are provided. Each is referenced and linked to a that re-inforces that attributes of that particular study.
Map From anywhere in the program, you can go to a map screen that shows the layout of Research Methods and indicates areas that have already been viewed. The map is also a navigational link to any of the sections. [fullsize image]
Practice Descriptions To practice recognizing the different methods, a short description of a research study is displayed. The program provdes constructive feedback for any of the answers selected. [fullsize image]
Practice Strength To practice identifying the strengths of each method, you click on the sentence that identifies a strength. If the choice is not correct, the selection is erased. The practice for the limitations is similar in structure. [fullsize image]
Post-test The post-test is similar in presentation to the practice except that feedback is not provided and that the answers are internally recorded. Again, within the posttest, the order in which questions and answers appear is randomized. Post-test[fullsize image]
Post-test Results The results screen displays scores from the post-test, broken down by the three onjectives, as well as for each research method. In addition, for the score in each objective, a graph displays a break down by specific method. You can also print a report. [fullsize image]