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For several years, the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI) has conducted software evaluations for the Maricopa Community Colleges. Critical is the identification of the software's effectiveness as a tool for learning. All reviews were completed by faculty members.
Topic Date Description
Counseling Sept 1996 Counselors reviewed several titles in the areas of personal development and decision making, for potential use as a classroom tool and as a tool in a counseling-client setting.
Games and Simulations Oct 1995 Shall we teach with a game?   was the question we asked faculty in several disciplines. They looked at the games in how useful they might be as an instructional tool and each provided a learning activity that could use the software.
Humanities Jan 1995 LynnAnn Wojciechowicz of South Mountain Community College reviewed 23 Humanities software programs, most of which are available on CD-ROM.
Mathematics Aug 1994 Math software was last reviewed by us in 1987, and a new round was completed in the summer of 1994. Some of the reviewers took on the extra option to create lesson materials for the program under consideration. NOTE: These reviews have been removed since they are several years out of date.
Critical Reading Feb 1994 As part of a sabbatical project, Sally Rings of Paradise Valley Community College reviewed 14 software packages with the results described in her report, The Role of Computer Technology in Teaching Critical Reading
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Software Reviews Elsewhere
The key requirement for items on this list is that the reviews/evaluations are conducted by instructors.
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
publishes Only The Best Software, an annual detailed evaluation of software. They provide an overview of their evaulation process.
California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse
is a continuously updated database of information on all types of instructional technology resouces. All Clearinghouse evaluations are accomplished by educators who are experienced in using technology and who are knowledgeable regarding the curriculum framework for the subject to be evaluated. More than 3000 software, CD-ROM, videodisc, programs are reviewed. and can be searched with a variety of criteria.
is a resource for reviews of academic and educational computing in the arts/humanities.
c|net CD-ROM Central Reviews
a searchable index to hundreds of reviews of CD-ROM titles
ConnSENSE Bulletin
is "a down-to-earth, strategy rich resource for people using computer technology in special education" published by the A. J. Pappanikou Center Technology Lab
Educational Software Institute (ESI) Online
"the world's largest and finest collection of K-12 educational software" features a searchable Resource Guide to Educational Software
Northwest Educational Technology Consortium
provides information about software selection (such as the ERIC Clearing House publication on the Seven Steps to Responsible Software Selection) as well as links to clearinghouses and other sources that review software.
Psychology Software and software reviews
from the CTI Centre for Psychology, which supports the use of computers within the teaching of Psychology in the UK.
International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
publishes "Educational Software Preview Guide", lists more than 700 titles of favorably reviewed software. The San Juan Unified School District has an online version
National Engineering Education Delivery System (NEEDS)
offers a peer review processs for engineering education courseware.
Software Publishers Association
presents the "Codie" Awards for Excellence in Software and also lists a selection of other sites that review software.
is "an innovative software resource that helps you buy superior software for kids. What we have done is to collect a selection of authorotative reviews of each software title that we feature so that parents and teachers can have a more complete idea of what each software offers."
SuperKids Software Review
provides unbiased reviews of children's software by parents, teachers, and kids.
Technology & Learning Online
offers a searchable database of software reviews as wel as links to their magazine articles describing software comparisons in more detail.
TILT Group E - Evaluation
This group aims to develop and apply evaluation methods for improvements in teaching & learning by using Instructional Technology (IT). They also train and assist other groups to carry out evaluations. The TILT Evaluation Group, based mainly in Psychology, is making important advances in adapting evaluation methods so that the application of IT to real classes can be well informed.
Way Cool Software Reviews
promotes evaluations of way cool software by kids, teachers and parents. Reviews are published on the Way Cool Listserv as well as this web site.