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Myst has set an entirely new standard for computer games. The 3-D rendered scenery is visually stimulating and its intuitive, minimal interface is a fresh change from computer applications cluttered by rows of cryptic icons and endless menu choices. It is a game, but then again, it is not a game. As described by creators Rand and Robyn Miller:

You are about to be drawn into an amazing alternative reality. The entire game was designed from the ground up to draw you in with little or no extraneous distractions on the screen to interfere with the feeling of being there. Myst is not linear; it s not flat; it's not shallow. This is the most depth and reality you've ever encountered in a game.

Myst is real, and like real life, you don't die every five minutes. In fact, you probably won't die at all. Pay attention to detail and collect information, because those are the pieces of the puzzle that you'll use to uncover the secrets of Myst. The puzzles you encounter will be solved with logic and information- information gathered either from Myst or from life itself. The key to Myst is to lose yourself in this fantastic virtual exploration, and act and react as if you were really there.

The story of Myst covers different time periods in the history of this island, "Myst Island", "Selenitic Age", "Mechanical Age", "Stoneship Age", "Channelwood", and "Dunny". Navigating the space and time in this world requires information gathering, critical thinking, and intelligent exploration.

NOTE: If you are having software problems using Myst, please check the publisher's Myst FAQ

Evaluations by..

  1. David Gorman, Phoenix College
  2. David Raffaelle, Glendale Community College
  3. Kyle Rawlings, Scottsdale Community College
  4. Laura Ruiz-Scott, Rio Salado and Scottsdale Community Colleges
  5. Caryl Terrell-Bamiro, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Learning Activities

Each reviewer describes a learning activity that uses Myst.

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