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HIT-0-METER= 000000000000
MCLI's web server, the very first in the Maricopa Community College District, began service on a humble Macintosh SE/30 sitting on a quiet table outside our lunch room, running Chuck Shotton's MacHTTP server software, which then was free.

The meaning of the server's URL <> is explained elsewhere but yet still functions.

mac SE/30
MCLI's first web server, a Macintosh SE/30, AppleTalk network


HIT-0-METER= 000000001204
On January 15, we listed our site on the NCSA What's New Page and saw our hits for the month of January climb high over the 1000 mark and brought the first external visitors (including Hong Kong, Italy, Norway, and England) as seen in our first month's server log. Snapshots show our first home page via what was then the only browser, NCSA Mosaic, as viewed through the Mac and the Windows version.


HIT-0-METER= 000000008095
In the Spring of 1994 we ran our first workshop on how to create web pages, for a group of teachers at South Mountain Community College. Writing HTML developed from the first 8 lessons then to the present version, and is one of our most popular and recognized sites. The home page has a few more information links now.


HIT-0-METER= 000000034674
Our second announcement to the NCSA What's new page brought a large increase in the numbers of visitors to MCLI, and justified our request for a new web server as shown in the histogram of server activity between December 1993 and November 1994. Another of our busiest web sites, Director Web, resources for users of this multimedia software, appeared for the first time.


HIT-0-METER= 000000078173
We moved our server host to a 32 MB Intel 486/DX2 running BSD/386 Unix v1.1, from Berkeley Software Design, Inc. running NCSA HTTPd web server software.

Version 2 of Writing HTML was given an A+ award from the 'Net Magazine (unfortunately appearing in the issue featuring a cover story of "sex online"!)

PC 486 server
MCLI's second web server, a 486/DX2 via ethernet


HIT-0-METER= 000006124527
Given our increasing load (see summary graph), our server moves again to a new host, a Digital Equipment Corporation Alpha Server 4/233 with 128 megabytes of RAM. MCLI's web is on dedicated 1 gigabyte disc drive, and shares the host with two other Maricopa web servers. The WWW server software used here is Apache v.8x.

DEC Alpha Server
MCLI's third web server, a DEC Alpha 4/233


HIT-0-METER= 000008876452
Our Alpha server was generously beefed up to 483 MB of RAM and a new 6 GB RAID hard drive.


HIT-0-METER= 000021955237
Our fourth move is to a newer host, but our IT folks say for security reasons, we are not to specify the hardware nor the software ;-)

We have also set up two experimental servers, Jade runs along side our Apple Server on a PowerMac 6150 WorkGroup Server running AppleShare IP 6.1, and features our in-office "Jade-Cam". The second server, Zircon, is running Red Hat Linux 6.1 on a 486/DX2 with Apache 1.2 web server. Zircon is home for our test Real Media G2 Server.

the black box
MCLI's fourth web server, a mystery machine!


HIT-0-METER= 000045476228
Finally, after scores of problems with our entire site going belly up, our IS folks have found their sanity by returning our hosting to Apache


HIT-0-METER= 000076381787
This is our most current update. Be sure to check our many sites available from our nexus entry and visit our projects directory. You can determine the most popular sites and where our visitors are coming from by scanning the latest AccessWatch.


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