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Finding, Evaluating, and Integrating Web Sites

The Web is a huge, vast resource of mostly disorganized information. We cannot do much about that.

But for advancing the process of learning, we as educators can do more than sending students out to a search site or just providing them a laundry list of hyperlinks. We can create activities that leverage the wealth of content "out there" while at the same time promoting higher order thinking skills or integration with activites we already know work well. All it takes is a bit of homework and some creative thinking on our part.

The purpose of "What a Site" is to help teachers locate, evaluate, and integrate web resources for their area of interest-- the subjects that they teach. Can we repeat that? We want to help you learn to find, evaluate, and integrate useful content in your specialty area. We do this via a framework of four different "flavors" of web usage for learning...

full web courses course materials web activities useful resources

... and several hands-on (click on!) activities. Then we provide suggestions for sharing what you have un-earthed and how you can "take it home" with you.

Our materials are best sampled in order as presented, but you, our visitor, are in control, and can navigate anywhere around via our "quick jump" navigation system (a fancy name for a pull-down menu). But first we ask that you strap on your xray www vision glasses, and enter "What a Site!".