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These sites are good if your interested in a subject or discipline such as education, the environment, biology, and so forth. Be patient, you will find something of value in the discipline in which you are interested.

Places in Search of a Home

...which brings us to the philosophical problem of whether a place cannot have a home....Does the word "home" essentially assume a space-time coordinate or in fact is it a metaphorical reference to an emotional state.

Ah, let me be clearer. I use the word here to refer to the need for a conceptual location for sites that I know I'll want for something later. I feel, very strongly and deeply, that these deserve more than a hotlist placement but, gee, I don't know where they go.

Please don't misunderstand. By using the word "search," I do not mean to attribute intentionality to the sites. That would be silly, wouldn't it. You know, to get so involved with the net, that you really started thinking there was something living at the end of the URL, a gaia of sorts. Well I'm not that far gone....

At least, I didn't name it "Sites I Have Loved." This wouldn't be the right list anyway.

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