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This intersection on the Internet contain activities, study aids and information to be used in addition to our regular class. Some of the activites are very specific; others involve exploring on your own. You may also find information and resources that will be helpful in your other classes as well.

Beginning Lesson, Part I

Start here, read until you see bold again and follow the instruction.

Clicking on the underlined blue words on the page sends you to a new location. (These are hypertext links that connect you to another file that could be right here in this computer or in India or Australian or anywhere in the world.)

If you want to go back to where you were immediately before, use the arrow in the upper left hand corner immediately to the right of the little picture of the world. Continue to use the arrow to go back as many steps (or places) as you have already been.

For example, right now use the arrow in the upper right hand corner to go back to the first page you saw called "The Source" and then meet me back here. (Use the arrow to go back and use the "if your in my courses, click here" to come back.)

(Time elapses. I pace back and forth. You made it back!)

Now you have the gist. The arrows take you forward and backward and the hypertext links whirl you out into the Internet.

Did you notice that the second time you saw the "click here" it had turned from blue to red? The red signals that you have already been there before. There are lots of other features that are available but these are the essentials. So...

Congratulations you have successfully completed the first part of the beginning lesson.

If you would like a more extensive demonstration of Mosaic use the NCSA Mosaic Demonstration by clicking here.

Beginning Lesson, Part II

The second part requires you to hypertext around a bit and explore. Your assignment, which you shall choose to accept, is to go back to The Source page and experiment by following different hypertext links. In other words, go back to The Source and click anywhere you want.

Come back to class ready to tell us what you found.

Did you notice that the last line was in bold? You are probably asking yourself, "I bet that is some sort of esoteric notation being used whose meaning I can only hope to uncover through time." Actually, in the hypertext scheme of things, it is just a sylistic tool. But, would you like to know what I had in mind by using it? It means something like this:

This is an assignment. I really expect you to return full of interesting information to share. It could be any number of things, for example notes on places you went or a print off of a mosaic page or document. But, of course, you would have to learn how to print by using file from the menu bar. But notes are fine too! Return to class with something that demonstrates you really explored around here.

After you report back to class, you have successfully completed the beginning lesson. When you come back to The Source again click to your specific course for the activities there.

Things to Know About Mosaic

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