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Social Science Information Gateway

Welcome to the Social Science Information Gateway. The gateway describes and allows you to connect to Social Science Resources worldwide. You can now search for resources on the gateway by keyword. For UK specific services there is a section on UK-based Networked Resources for Social Scientists . You can also find out what the latest additions to the gateway are.

This project has been funded by the ESRC to provide researchers and social scientists with a centralised means of accessing relevant information sources over the networks. The service is based at the University of Bristol.

The resources found here have been through a selection process, however this service is still under construction and we haven't been able to look at everything. Also some subjects are better represented than others on the networks. If you know of a resource that you think would be of use to social scientists or have some data you would like to be made available to the social science community then please let us know.

The Social Sciences

The resources have been classified according to the Universal Decimal Classification scheme but presented alphabetically for ease of use. However you can also view the subjects according to the UDC.

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If you have any comments or questions about the content or structure of this service please contact sosig-info@bris.ac.uk