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Meet Ten Alumni of Writing HTML
The following 10 people, randomly selected from the 1764 registered alumni, have learned how to create their web pages from this tutorial and have been able to make them available to the world. These were collected between maybe 1995 and 2005, but the registration form closed long ago. You can also see full roster of all alumni.

My Family Web Page - Jay Samples joined the alumni on Dec 5, 1999
(full email address removed) - Lancaster, CA
I love creating web pages!
The Eagle Observatory - Dick Adduci joined the alumni on March 9, 1999
(full email address removed) - Eagle, Wisconsin
Excellent job of packaging a training course in html. If I can learn it, anyone can. I highly recommend this course. I had my web page up after the first few lessons and improved it with each succeeding less on. Great job. My congratulations to the team that put this tutorial together and my thanks. Dick
Magicsun Glasses - Diana joined the alumni on May 1, 2002
(full email address removed) - new Jersey
this glasses will change the way you look at things
Massie Motorsports - Angela VanVoorhis joined the alumni on April 6, 1998
(full email address removed) - Illinois
I took most of the lessons the week between Christmas and New Years when nobody was at work. I am very happy with the class and how easy it was for me to learn to write HTML on my own, at my own pace. I wish there were more things o ffered now that I am ready to do more!

Secret Agent #009 HOMEPAGE! - Secret Agent #009
(full email address removed) - Phoenix, AZ

Communication Repairs - tawanda joined the alumni on Sep 4, 2001
http://communication repair zimbabwe
(full email address removed) - Harare
teach me how I can create my own web site
Welcome Web - Hemant Misra
(full email address removed) - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai.
It is a wonderful effort. Thanks for providing it on the net.< p>
ONLine Graphics 1998 - Woody House
(full email address removed) - Richmond, British Columbia Canada

Started writing HTML script for web pages using the tutorial back in 1996 on a 486 IBM PC.
Simple stuff really... now I have started a new company called ONLine Graphi cs. Writing HTML, Javascript, Perl and some CGI and training two others to do the same.
This tutorial is a GREAT start for anyone who is serious about exploring the possibilities of the Net.

E.R.(Woody)House, ONLine Graphics 1998

The Hodgepodge Hobbyists - Marie Anderson joined the alumni on Jul 30, 2002
(full email address removed) - Kingston, Tennessee (USA)
Some complicate the simple (those translating editors), and a rare few can simplify the complex. The latter being the definition of skilled intellegence. Thank You for sharing your skill with me. Sincerely, Marie Anderson (Alumni since 1997)
Ashley's Official Web Page - Ashley Gavin joined the alumni on February 22, 1998
(full email address removed) - Fairbanks, Ak
It was really great--easy to follow and I was able to get my page up after a few of your lessons. Thanks a lot!


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Ten Almuni of Writing HTML
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