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Meet Ten Alumni of Writing HTML
The following 10 people, randomly selected from the 1764 registered alumni, have learned how to create their web pages from this tutorial and have been able to make them available to the world. These were collected between maybe 1995 and 2005, but the registration form closed long ago. You can also see full roster of all alumni.

Amy Adinaro's Web Site - Amy Adinaro joined the alumni on Jan 6, 2000
(full email address removed) - Utah
I thought the tutorial was very helpful. I did it on my lunch breaks at work, and by the end of a week, I was capable of building and maintaining my own web page. Thanks!
Amanecer - Jose Wojnacki joined the alumni on August 19, 1998
(full email address removed) - In Cordoba Argentina
Este es el mejor tutorial que encontre, es facil de entender, t muy completo, lastima que el autor la abandono. Estoy muy contento de poder recomendar este tutorial y decir que es un o de los mejore si no es el mejor.

Printing/Document Distribution Service - Dick McDonough
(full email address removed) - Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Ca
A very comprehensive, straight forward approach to teaching all you need to building web pages.

Sew Friendly - Michael Jordan joined the alumni on December 4, 1998
(full email address removed) - Seattle
This HTML learning site has instructed me on using HTML in such a simple, straightforward format. It should be the guide to learning anything on the enternet. I am very grateful for the help and refer this site to everyone I meet who would like to learn HT ML. Thank you
WWW - SUMITRA RANJAN BARUA joined the alumni on Sep 30, 1999
(full email address removed) - M.N.Dastur & Company Limited,India,West Bengal, Calcutta
I have come to learn through the Internet. Thank you.
Mike's Place - Mike Grealy joined the alumni on Aug 19, 2001
(full email address removed) - florida
had a great time
My Favorite Collection - Isabel joined the alumni on Jun 30, 2001
(full email address removed) - Philippines
I would like to learn more about webpages, through your sites will help me more on how to create a unique homepages.
Furcifer pro Draco - Jason
(full email address removed) - Maryland
It made what seemed to be a very scary language(like C or Pascal) and made it into something simple and easy to work with. Thanx

DB Creations Desktop Publishing & Design - Dawn Black
(full email address removed) - Westerville, Ohio
You have done a great job! Your lessons were very concise and actually creating a home page during the lessons really helped. I have even placed a reference to your tutorial on my home page. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to start creating their home page(s)!!! I have completely printed out the lessons and placed them in a notebook for easy future reference. I am really looking forward to the additional lessons in April. Thanks so much!!!!!!!

Laura's Very Own Web Page - Laura Doig`doig
(full email address removed) - Daytona Beach, Florida
The tutorial was GREAT. I have recommended it to a number of folks. I wish I had more time to spend on this stuff, it is really fun!


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Ten Almuni of Writing HTML
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