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Version History

before the next version
While translating WritingHTML into French, Bernard Bensoussan, shared a lengthly list of typos and important corrections. Merci Bernard for this and providing a complete French version French "Ecrire le HTML" ! Jane Wilson, and J.L. Merrill (writing HTML at age 73!) also notified us of several typos.

The sharp eyes of Lennart Holmquist and Greg Trevellick identified several more pesky typos. Also, after many repeated requests, we have compiled the content of all lessons into a single, nicely printable, PDF document (though it comsumes 330 pages, so be kind to the trees). See the bottom of the download page.

version 4.5.2 / June 2000
Patty Erion who lives near Mount St Helens and was there when it erupted in 1980, suggested that a more accurate description would be that "the pine trees were toppled over like toothpicks, not toys." This has no affect on any HTML, but we do like to be accurate!

Gerry Pareja from Vancouver BC confirmed that the tutorial files could indeed be downloaded and run under Windows 3.1, so we updated the archives for those remaining users of this relict system. John Du Brain unearthed numerous pesky typos (thanks JD!)

We also added the template from go.com for translating the lesson pages into 5 different languages. For the lessons on Video and Audio, we added directions for how to use alternative media formats (MPEG, AVI for video and WAVE for audio) for those who cannot use QuickTime. Also, in a fit of artistic ennui, we updated the logo.

version 4.5.1 / January 2000
Modified all uses of JavaScript window openers to use the onClick() return false option rather than linking to a "dummy" anchor, hypertext links to work for non-JavaScript enabled browsers. See lesson 27a for details.

version 4.5 / November 1999
New lessons for multimedia (29) including GIF animations (29a), digital video (29b), audio, shockwave, and Java. Wrote extra tips in lesson 21 for using tables to center text or title on any size browser window and made them part of the splash page introduced in lesson 24. Also, we spiffed up the Writing HTML logo and cleaned up the main Volcano Web (lava.gif) file to make it cleaner and smaller in file size.

Luke Burnham and others were kind enough to spot some typos and sloppy grammar in the later lessons. All lessons were cleaned up to approach transitional HTML 4.0 standards.

Kazuaki Mizota has translated Writing HTML into Japanese (v 4.0.1).

version 4.0.1 / May 1999
Updated for inclusion with Thinkquest 2000 CD-ROM. Typos corrected thanks to many writers, especially the careful eye of Guy Vaughn. More resources add to reference section, which has been subdivided into separate sections accessible via a JavaScript driven menu. Tested for compatibility with Internet Explorer 5.0

version 4.0 / December 1998
Long overdue! Created new format for demonstrating example web pages. Updates to reflect references to HTML 4.0, condensing of text on main entry page, added notes for tags covered on lessons page, use of JavaScript menus in the tags reference, clarified explanation of file structure references with more diagrams in lessons 8a and 14. Added section in lesson 21 for using images as backgrounds in table cells. Revised more modern look for alumni form and random alumni page results. Top page links added to view the email feedback "kudos". Re-designed all lesson download pages to better depict the file structures used in the examples.

New lessons on META tags (24), targeting windows (25), frames (26), introductory JavaScript (27), JavaScript alerts and MouseOver (27a), JavaScript Dynamic Content (27b), JavaScript Custom Window Openers (27c), JavaScript Image Swapping (27d), Forms (28), designing forms (28a), making forms work with email and CGI (28b) as well as JavaScript (28c).

Because of some problems in maintaining connections, we provided two additional download sources for the tutorial files. And as always, with the help from our users such as Pat Shauer, we made corrections to typos.

version 3.0.4 in Korean / November 1998
Dr. Byeong Choon Lim, Department of Computer Education Chuncheon National University of Education has been translating Writing HTML into Korean (Internet Archive link).

version 3.0.4 / August 1998
Minor fixes of URLs that have changed, some typos corrected. Added more options for the mailto: tag in lesson 12. A number of corrections were made in the Spanish version of the lessons thanks to Andrés Valencia.

version 3.0.3 / December 1997
Lots of people on Windows were having trouble with the .zip versions of the tutorial so the download page now sends them out as self-extracting archives.

version 3.0.2 in Icelandic / July 1997
Thanks to Gudjon Olafsson, we now have a version in Icelandic / Íslenska called Forritun í HTML (Internet Archive link)

version 3.0.2 / July 1997
Hopefully some of the last typos are squashed, with a great deal of help by Maureen Nelson, a professional proofreader, who printed out the entire tutorial and provided some great red pen "mark-up" for the typos. Thanks also to Joel Smallbeck and Leah Simpson for suggestions on wording. Also Douglas Nady provided a useful pointer about resizing images from smaller to bigger that is now part of lesson 7a and demonstrated as Going from Small to Big. Some of the example URLs for geology/volcano sites have been updated. Also, a general reference page has been added with links to it from the top of all lesson pages. And no one to date noticed the discrepancies for the sample files for lessons 8e - 12, until spotted by Erin Cormier! Now you can download a tutorial archive for Windows95 (the only difference is that it has file names that end in ".html". Oh how revolutionary...). We also compiled the frequent email feedback into a section called What People Say Abut Writing HTML.

version 3.0 in Spanish! / February 1997
Arturo Garcia Martin kindly translated the entire tutorial into Spanish.

version 3.0.1 / January 1997
Fixed typos in lessons 8d (thanks to Gene Menzies) and the lesson 18 test page (thanks to Benjie Wolicki), and even on this page (thanks to Leo Robert Klein). Benjie also correctly pointed out that it is not safe to say that Olympus Mons is the largest volcano in the universe, but rather "the largest known volcano in the solar system"

version 3.0 / October 1996
Revised and corrected typos (from lots of net feedback) in all lessons. Tables added throughout lessons as any browser worth using now supports tables. Simplified instructions for downloading image files. All sample HTML in lessons is now color coded. Added comment tags to lesson 1, more examples for using <br> tags for headers in lesson 4, non-breaking space in lesson 10, color name codes for lesson 16, font FACE options in lesson 18, colored table cells in lesson 21. Broke up the big tag summary table into separate pages.

Finally gave up on ever trying to write more advanced lessons as the web just changes and grows too damn fast. The whole thing is getting complicated by the glut of new features introduced by Netscape vs Microsoft.

Version 2.0 / December 1995 (snapshot of v2.0)
Cleaned up typos. Added explanation for height and width attributes for inline images in lesson 7a. Re-organized lesson structure for pictures in subfolders and example files for lessons after lesson 8a. This not only explained other ways of linking web directories, but made it more managable for setting up the example files for later lessons where one page became many pages. Added explanation in lesson lesson 8a for relative URLS that link upwards in the directory structure. New lessons on Splitting vs Lumping (14) of long web pages; Netscape and HTML 3.0 issues (15); colored and texture backgrounds (16); the dreaded <blink> tag (17); spiffing up text (colors, sizes, superscripts, subscripts) (18); more options for the <hr> tag (19); aligning text and images (20); Tables (21); More for Images and Lists (22); and Clickable Image Maps (23) Alumni page now pulls 10 names at random rather than listing them all.

Version 1.7 / November 1995
Still fixing typos with the help of our audience. Added summary page for all HTML used in the tutorial and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. With help from Kurt Leinbach, developed CGI form for registering our Alumni

Version 1.51 / September 1995
New lesson for Blockquotes (13).

Version 1.5 / August 1995
Re-writes for improved directions and fixed the many typos (thanks to Jennifer Adamson). Minor cosmetic changes. Added <br> tag to lesson 2. Until we write some new lessons, provide links to sites for HTML 3.0, CGI, Image Maps.

Version 1.41 / June 1995
Removed use of the underline <u> tags which were once supported by NCSA Mosaic. Added lesson 12 for using the mailto: link and the <address> tag.

Version 1.4 / May 1995
Removed directions specific to NCSA Mosaic, new logo. Several links to external sites were updated.

Version 1.3.1 / February 7, 1995
Typos fixed as well as inconsistencies in the sample lessons, with thanks to Robin Wright.

Version 1.3 / December 15, 1994
New lessons added for Named Anchors (8d); Preformatted Text (9); Special Character Sets (10); and Descriptive Lists (11). Information on using the ALT keyword in the <IMG> tag was added to lesson 7a, "Inline Graphics".

Version 1.2 / November 15, 1994 (snapshot of v1.2)
Links to external sites were verified and updated. Directions were re-written to take into account the increasing number of different web browsers, each of which may have commands under different menus. Navigation links between lessons were moved to the top of the page.

Version 1.1 / July 1, 1994
Based on the surveys from our June workshop, we updated several the exercises to make the descriptions more clear. First version placed on our WWW server. Although the files are the same for different platforms, we made separate download-able archives for Macintosh and DOS formats (difference in how DOS and Mac systems differ in the use of carriage returns in the text files)

Version 1.0 / June 1, 1994
This was the first version of the tutorial, as written for a 2 day workshop for faculty at South Mountain Community College, and included lessons 1-8.

Writing HTML: Version History
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