To foster student success, the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (mcli) at the Maricopa Community Colleges, is dedicated to supporting and advancing teaching and learning by working collaboratively with faculty, administrators, and district-wide groups to provide quality services, programs, and resources.


I managed and created content on the Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction web site from 1993-2006, the paleolithic web era, formerly at

The current web site is much different, modern

Much of my old content may no longer be active (quite a few due to insecure scripts - you can find most it via the Internet Archive WayBack Machine), what you find here are selected projects I am preserving at my own site here at Much of this work was done before there was Creative Commons licenses, so... well whatever. I made the sites and built much of these myself, but much of the content is from others.

Alan Levine,

Available Archives

  • Hello From Egypt (1996-1999)
  • It's a River, Not a Lake (January 1994) A Report on Instructional Technology for the Maricopa Community Colleges
  • Providing Structured Multimedia Learning Environments- Mosaic for the Internet (July 1994)
  • The Source (resources by Mary Long, in Philosophy, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, & Cinema 1997)
  • MCLI Presentations la web (1994-2003) includes 39 of my presentations that were all done via web sites rather than that pointed power thing
  • Studio 1151 (1996-1997) an experimental project for design and development of educational technology projects where students and faculty worked as a team. It used a metaphor of film production units working for the MCLI Studio (MCLI os 1151 in Roman numerals)
  • The Labyrinth / Forum (May 1993 - Fall 2000) a newsletter MCLU published in print form, I tried to make all of it available via the web.
  • Negative Reinforcement University (1996-1998) Learn a concept in psychology through a game-like simulation.
  • Learning English Electronically (LEE) (1994-2000) a series of 20+ ESL tutorials published via CD-ROM, authored by moi in Macromedia Director
  • Research Methods in Social and Natural Sciences (1995) from a concept of Bernie Combs from Scottsdale Community College original developed as a Hypercard stack and also a web version designed to teach five different research methods with examples from four disciplines
  • How to Be a Webhound (1996-2002) for workshops and reference for finding stuff on the web (before there was Google!)
  • Correlation Meter (1996) an early Macromedia Director/Shockwave experiment to illustrate visually the meaning of graphed data correlation
  • Server Stats (1993-2001) A detailed history of the MCLI web server with a running total of "hits", archives of old sites, and more nostalgic tidbits.
  • Writing HTML (1994-2000) My tutorial for creating web pages delivered via web pages, 29 lessons from basic formatting to Javascript, at one time translated into Spanish, Italian, and Icelandic. In the lessons you end up adding bit by bit to building a web site about volcanoes.


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