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-- the Labyrinth December 1993 --

Teaching & Learning Resources on Gopher/Internet

Cynthia Leshin, MCLI
Macintosh Users...TurboGopher is an application program that connects you to Gopher. We have used TurboGopher to identify several teaching and learning resources that you might like to begin with as you explore Gopher and the Internet.

You will now have connections to selected resources on the Internet that may have application for teaching and learning. For those who do not use TurboGopher, this list of bookmarks is stored in text format on the MCLI Information Servers ( MCLI Public AppleTalk file server; OR the MCLI Gopher Internet Server). The file path is

/Into the Internet/Gopher Information/MCLI Bookmarks.txt

Maricopa Center for Learning & Instruction (MCLI)
The Internet Connection at MCLI is Alan Levine --}
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