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-- the Labyrinth December 1993 --

Doing More with Less: Shareware for IBM Computers

Alan Levine, MCLI
In the last issue, we reviewed free or inexpensive "shareware" programs for the Macintosh. Now, we will see what is available for IBM computers. The DOS and Windows shareware described below, as well as others, are available from the MCLI Information Servers. This is how you may access our servers:

MCLI Public (AppleTalk File Server)

You can retrieve IBM programs via the District-wide AppleTalk network, if you use a Macintosh equipped with a SuperDrive floppy disk drive (all post-1989 Macintosh computers, i.e. all models after Plus, SE, SE/30, Mac II).

  1. From a Macintosh computer, log onto the MCLI Public file server (see October 1992 Labyrinth). Look for files in the "Things for the IBM" folder. Copy them over to the hard drive of the Macintosh.
  2. Launch the "Apple File Exchange" application. It comes with Macintosh System software; it is also in the "Things for the IBM" folder. This program allows you to insert a DOS formatted 3.5" floppy disk into the Macintosh and copy the IBM programs onto the floppy.
  3. Insert the floppy disk into an IBM computer and use a program to "unZIP" or decompress the files (see note below).

MCLI Gopher (Internet Server)

If you can use Gopher to transfer files, you can look for the IBM shareware on MCLI's Gopher Server (see September 1993 Labyrinth ). The address of the server is:
The steps for downloading files depend on the computer application you use for running Gopher.

The other option is to visit MCLI. Just bring some blank floppy disks and we will help you get some great programs!

IBM Shareware available from MCLI

Name            Directory      Cost     Description  Windows/desktop	free!   Customizes the Windows menus  Windows/desktop	$15     Puts a digital clock on menu bar    Windows/graphics  free!   Displays available monitor colors 
                                           in a floating window  Windows/graphics  $5      Generates Mandlebrot fractal images   Windows/desktop	free!	Library of icons   Windows/desktop	$15	    Create your own icons
jpeg.exe      DOS/graphics      free!   JPEG graphics viewer   Windows/graphics  free!   View and convert JPEG, JFIF, GIF, 
                                            Targa graphics   DOS/utility       $20     Scientific calculator   DOS/utility       $5      Create a custom color DOS menu 
                                           (like Direct Access)  DOS/utility       $7      Perform metric conversions for 
                                           just about any units
pkz204.exe    DOS/compress      $40     The full-featured compression and 
                                           archive (ZIP) utility    DOS/graphics      free!	Ray-tracing graphics program   Windows/graphics  $69     Extensive paint program  Windows/utility	free!   Restarts and/or exits Windows  Windows/info       free!   Shareware & Freeware Report  Windows/desktop   $5      Adds a Mac-like icon for deleting 
                                           files   DOS/graphics      $25     View and convert graphic files  Windows/utility	$10     Screen capture utility  Windows/graphic	$14	    View and convert GIF files  Windows/compress  free!   unZIPs compressed files to 
                                           designated directory  Windows/utility	$30	    Post-it like notes for Windows

The "directory" column indicates the file path inside the "Things for the IBM" directory.

File names that end in ".zip" must be de-compressed. Copy to your IBM computer the file "unz50p1.exe" from the MCLI Information Server. Run this program from DOS to install a free "unzip" program. If you are a Windows user, you may prefer to use the "winunz13" program that has a graphic interface.

If you would like to receive updates via A1 on new items on the MCLI Information Servers, send a message to Alan Levine.

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