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Who am I and how did I end up in Egypt? Funny you should ask, since I seem to be asking myself that several times a day. So I will give you today's answer:

I am following my BLISS! (credit to Joseph Campbell, all the storytellers at MCCCD and the sweet support of colleagues and friends). For the past ten years, my husband and I have been preparing ourselves for an overseas experience. We studied Spanish intensively throughout Mexico and Central America. Because we have a strong appreciation for other cultures and languages and we are committed educational professionals, International Schools seemed a good beginning point. Last year, we applied to several International Schools in Central and South America and Africa. We say, God has a sense of humor: we ended up in Egypt where everyone speaks Arabic. Our language study has helped us understand living in a different culture and to develop patience when learning another language.

Bob is the Superintendent of Cairo American College. I am having to practice what I preach. Every five years a Career Counselor should have to go out and find a new career. So I am doing lots of information interviewing, networking and learning everything I can about Egypt and its culture.

Before becoming a world traveller and philosopher, I was a counselor at Paradise Valley Community College and at South Mountain Community College. Storyteller, friend, adventurer, snorkeler and bird-watcher are a few of my other identities.

I want to use this time to learn, learn, learn....in a developing country, it is impossible not to be confronted with something new, ancient, exhilarating or confusing everyday. I would like to continue to follow Chaos/Systems and would appreciate your sharing whatever information you have about future conferences, either in U.S. or the world. Global citizenship has its advantages.

Share a part or all of this "Who Am I" note. I am flattered and happy to share my experiences with my colleagues and friends.

Ma Salaama - Jon Lea


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