the flip site What is This?
As you will see, we flip coins. In fact, we've been flipping coins every five seconds since midnight on January 1 of this year! By the end of this year, he will have flipped his coin more than six million times. If you'd like, just click on Mr. Flipper now (the guy below in the striped shirt) and you can see the flips, LIVE.

Every time he flips a coin, the results are stored in our FlipParade where you can see the last series of current flips or scroll back in time to see the rest. Why do we do this? We have created a large database with a number of ways to see some neat things about random processes.

FlipSite Activities:
Mr. Flip We have some highly interactive things for you to try! The first thing is to watch the live flips where you can see a summary of all flips since we started. From there, you can take a look at the Flip Parade, to see a visual history of any portion of our flip history. We also have set up a query tool for you to analyze flip streaks (how many heads or tails in a row). Also, you can set up experiments to look at the frequency distribution of coin flips for a specified number of people each flipping coins a specified number of times.

NEW! We have set up a web discussion board for sharing ideas.

What You Need:
Make sure that you are using a web browser such as NetScape 2.0 or later or the Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later. More importantly, you must also have installed Shockwave from Macromedia (If you are unsure, you may want to test for Shockwave now). This will allow you to use the devices we made for Mr. Flipper. If you try one of the FlipSite links and see a broken icon, that most likely means you'll need to come back here and Get Shockwave so you can install it on your computer.