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Negative Reinforcement University

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NRU was principally designed as an immersive computer application, and thus is highly interactive and non-linear. However as part of a detailed evaluation project by Arizona State University doctoral intern Karen McNally, it was later adapted to a paper format as part of Karen's study. What makes this unique was the transferring of a computer environment to paper, where often we are trying to go in the opposite direction.

In the paper version, all of the scenes and interaction are described in text. When you are required to make a choice or select an object, the paper version gives you instructions to turn to, say, page 45 if you selected one door, and say, page 67, if you selected another door.

u s e

What we've provided here is a link to the entire paper document, in Adobe Acrobat format (you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program to see the file. This allows you to view it exactly as it was designed for print layout, as well as the ability to print the full document. As a bonus, we have created the Acrobat version so that if you read it on the computer, all of the page turning links are hyperlinked, so all you have to do is read and click (and think!)

s t a r t

With this information, you can now view NRU via an Acrobat PDF file (396 k), return to the NRU information page, read about the project development, or explore it via a Web/Shockwave environment.