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The Director Page

This page offers links to information and selected resources to users of Macromedia Director.
This is in no way a complete or officially sanctioned entity, caveat emptor, mileage may vary, miscellaneous legal gobbledygook, etc.
The Director Page is a subset of our Multimedia Authoring page.

Note! To update to version 4.0.4, connect to Marvelous Marvyn's Direct-L ftp site or Dave Miiler's Pangea ftp site.

o  'Net Resources
Places on the Internet to find items useful for budding Directors...
o  Demos and Samples
Movies and projectors that (hopefully) demonstrate examples of good "Directing", Many are from members of the DIRECT-L listserv...
o  Tips n' Scripts
A collection of useful tips from actual users of Director...
o  FTP sites
Places to find the latest and greatest files, updates, etc...
o  XObjects
Some useful external code for adding functionality to Director...
o  Utilities
Miscellaneous applications useful to prepare media for use in Director...

The Director Page
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