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Writing HTML

Welcome to the MCLI tutorial for creating World Wide Web pages. This tutorial was designed to help instructors create lessons that access information on the Internet. Therefore, the exercises involve writing a lesson called Volcanoes!. However, this tutorial may be used by anyone interested in learning how to create World Wide Web pages.

Better Perfomance! - Download the tutorial files in formats for editing on Macintosh or Windows computers

Before you start....

  1. Read the Introduction. Really! It contains useful information.
  2. Take a peek at a sample of the World Wide Web page you will develop in this tutorial.
  3. It may help to use the Hotlist feature in your version of WWW browser to place a marker for this page. Later, it will help you to quickly return to a particular lesson.

Select a lesson from the list below. We suggest that you proceed in order since each lesson builds upon examples from the previous one.

Index of Lessons

  1. Creating Your First HTML Document
  2. Modifying an HTML Document
  3. Headings- Six Levels Deep
  4. Breaking up into Paragraphs
  5. Doing it with Style
  6. Lists, Lists, and Lists
  7. Graphics
  8. Linking it with Anchors

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