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Teaching in the Community Colleges 2004 Online Conference

Participate in a Conference PhotoBlog

The TCC04 Buzznet Gallery

I have set up a special gallery area on my Buzznet PhotoBlog to share photos contributed by participants in TCC 2004. The seven most recently images are shown above- each one is linked to the full size image and a place where you can post comments to the photoblog.

To visit the gallery, go to:

How to Send Photos to the Conference PhotoBlog

You can email digital photos directly to this conference photoblog.

  1. Take a digital photo of yourself (with a digital camera or a camera phone) at the location where you are participating in this conference.
  2. Email this photo as an attachement (or send directly form your phone) to:
  3. The subject line of your message will be posted as the title of your photo, and any text you write in the body of the message becomes the caption. Please include in your caption:
    1. Your name
    2. Your geographic location
    3. The type of device used to capture your digital image

Return to this site or the Buzznet TCC04 gallery to see the updates!

This will be interesting to have a gallery showing all the places people are accessing this year's conference. This could be a variant of a very interesting discussion board activity created by Paradise Valley Community College teacher Donna Rebadow, called "The View From Where I Sit".

Photo Syndication

The icons above are dynamically inserted into this web page using a "syndication" technology offered by Buzznet. When new photos are added to the gallery, the icons above are updated automatically (you may need to RELOAD/REFRESH this web page to check for updates).

This allows you to display information about a Buzznet gallery in the context of other web sites. All it takes to display the dynamic content shown above is to put in the HTML code of this web page:


For example, for a teacher assigning students to create photblogs, he/she could review their work easily by creating one web site with the "feeds" from individual student photoblogs. This makes checking for updates a scanning process, rather than individually visiting all the student web sites.